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Our mission is solving your problems :

Real estate and car

Purchase of any real estate and car for 35% of the sale value (without banks and mortgages)

Debt closure

Repayment of loans / borrowings (and other debt obligations) for 35% of the balance for the coming year

Debit cards with CB up to 25%

Mastercard debit cards with an initial cashback of 15% (up to 25%) on ALL (food in any supermarket, any gas station, pharmacy, airline tickets, etc.)


Increase your capital with a profitability of 22% per month, with a daily payment of interest

History of Finiko`s success

Start of the Finiko began when Kirill Doronin, the creator of Finiko, having met talented traders by fate, increased his capital and did it with great success. His friends, seeing the results, asked him to manage their money, and later friends of friends. So the idea came up to create a platform with which everyone could give their funds to the management of professionals.

At this moment, the Finiko is developing and expanding. It allows to employ a high-qualified staff of traders. Each trader works on individual market instrument, This allows to diversify risks and guarantees to get a profit up to 50-60% of the deposit per month. This is possible because of working on certain market instruments. 

With good intentions, the Finiko came up with an interesting marketing move in order to capitalize funds as much as possible in its management. Nowadays, the main needs of people are to pay off loans, mortgages, buy a good car, apartment, house.  The Finiko helps its customers to satisfy these needs quick, and in return receives grateful customers and an increase in capitalization, and as a result, an increase in profitability.

4 programs from Finiko:


Minimum deposit of $ 1000.
Deposit and withdrawal of deposit only in bitcoins.

How it works ?
1 step. 
Registration and verification in Finiko
2 step. Top up the balance in your account (see instructions)
3 step. Buy CTI index in your account (see instructions)
4 step. Make a profit from a deposit of 1.1-1.2% on DAY every working day from Mon to Fri. Interest can be withdrawn EVERY day, the withdrawal amount from $ 100

For example:

Put $ 1000 on deposit. After 3 days begin to accrue interest. Why in 3 days? During this time, the company places your deposit on its exchange accounts in order to start working. Interest can be withdrawn from $ 100. The withdrawal of the deposit body can be ordered at any time, the company will return it to you within 21 business days.


This program allows you to close any debt - credit, mortgage (including overdue debt), debts to individuals, tax debts, etc. - for 35% of the remaining debt.

How it works ?
1 step. 
Registration and verification in Finiko
2 step. Find out the balance of the loan debt (debt)
3 step. Conclude an agreement with Finico
4 step. Pay to the company 35% + 1% (office fee) + 165 $ (for service under the contract). 

5 step. Your loan (debt) is closed by the company for 10 months.

For example:
The balance of the loan is 5000 $, They contributed 35% of the balance - 1750 $ + 50 $ (office fee 1%) + 165 $ (for service per year). Once a month for 10 months, the company transfers to the bank 30% of the deposit amount = 525 $, so the loan will be repaid ahead of schedule in 10 months

3. "AT35" and "KV35" PROGRAMS

These programs allow you to purchase a car or real estate for 35% of the cost.

How it works?
1 step. 
Registration and verification in Finiko
2 step. Choose a car or property
3 step. Conclude an agreement with Finico
4 step. Pay to the company 35% + 1% (office fee) + 165$ (for service under the contract).
5 step. After 120 days, become the owner

For example:
You have chosen a car worth 15 000$. You paid 5250$ + 150$ (office fee) + 165$ (for service). Total 5565$. You are waiting 120 days. You pick up a car from the passenger compartment (without encumbrance). The same with an apartment or any other real estate.

4. "CashBack Card" PROGRAM 

Starting cashback 15%.

How it works?
1 step. Registration and verification in Finiko
2 step. Buy and receive a $ 500 card at the mailing address
3 step. On the card balance there will be $ 100 on the deposit account and $ 250 on the account for purchases (that is, in fact the card costs you $ 150)
4 step. Make purchases, and from all purchases you begin to receive a cashback of 15 to 25%
5 step. Keep your money on the card and get 6% per month plus on deposit

35% calculation for FINIKO programs

Select a program to calculate from the list *
Write the value in rubles of real estate, car or the rest of the debt *
35% of your amount will be:
0 $
1% (office fee) of your amount will be:
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Contract service

- 165 $


165 $

Affiliate program of Finiko:

10-level affiliate program

Ability to create cash flow from the structure to $ 5000 per day

Regular promotions for active partners

Withdrawal of referral bonuses for recommendations from $ 100

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